Liberal Tomorrow is a loose group of activists looking to help candidates for state and local office win their elections.

Rather than donate to big campaigns, like President or Senate, we instead recommend donations to smaller state and local races. While $100 doesn’t make a big difference to a presidential campaign, it could make the difference in a city council race, flipping the city from anti-growth to pro-growth.

Liberal Tomorrow isn’t a PAC or SuperPAC. Instead, it is a listing of Neoliberal and YIMBY friendly candidates and their small dollar donation pages. You get to decide which candidates closest align with your priorities and donate directly to them.


The main way to contribute is by donating to our vetted candidates.

If you’d like to help find candidates or develop our technical infrastructure, send us an email at or DM us on Twitter.

We will soon have a questionnaire to share with candidates. Stay tuned.